Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Form and Spirit and my upcoming show

Lately, I’ve been observing the tension between form and spirit. The relationship between the two is such that one can easily overpower the other, often creating an imbalance. However, both are intrinsic to our existence for they make up our very being.
In our lives we often exhibit preference towards one or the other. To some, structure is highly desirable, while for others it feels like an intolerable restriction.
In what has become my painting series, Form and Spirit, I initially had no theme or big idea. I chose to paint on the scrap iron plates because I thought they would make for a powerful surface and structure on which I could do some abstract painting. It was later that I was provoked by the odd juxtaposition of pre-fabricated iron metal sheets from some machine that no longer exists, and my whimsical, spirit-led painting process.
For me, this series has only left me with more questions about living with this universal tension of Form and Spirit.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Come out come out, wherever you are!

I just read a journal entry from 6 months ago that reminded me of this dream I had. I woke up from the dream with a phrase reverberating through my soul: "Call forth the Visionaries"
With these commissioning words came this supernatural assurance that I could actually DO this and that my DOING it would make a difference. It was weird.
That evening I visited with some friends who were saying good-bye to their friends that were leaving for college. I found myself in the exact scenario from my dream - standing amongst these young people and reminding them to not be discouraged by what seems to be an impossible dream. I told them that it would come to pass.
Hanging on to the belief in a dream or vision is so important. Building it UP day after day, nurturing its health, spending time around people who encourage your ideas - these are the ways dreams come to pass. It is the training ground for taking responsible ownership over the well-being of an idea. Probably similar to the way that marriage often leads to having children. A healthy, stable marriage creates a culture wherein a new person can safely grow and mature.
So contend in the battlefield of your mind for the dream that is on your heart.
Don't be discouraged because it hasn't happened just yet.
It's likely that you are in preparation for that day.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Working ideas...

Over the past two weeks, I have not been able to get thoughts out of my head and on to this blog.

It's like I have 5 different struggles going on, and none of them is finding rest.

1) Death: everyone dies, but few every really live. So... go on and really live, right?
2) Insecurity is false security exposed.
3) This might not be true for you, but I am free to do whatever I want, without consequence - now what do I do with that!?
4) Empowering leaders make people feel powerful.
5) God likes me.

Maybe I'm not struggling with making sense of my current state of mind.
As a visual artist, I find that what I create often captures perfectly for me what words could not contain. I'll take it to the canvas, soon, and post the results.
A bit of meditation and abstract thinking is good for the soul.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Concerning Hobbits...

For those of you who hate the Lord of the Rings, I make no apologies. It really is the best movie ever:
On days when I am feeling like life is complicated and difficult, I sometimes find myself longing for the comforts of a Hobbit hole. If you don't know, the Hobbit is a little person living in the countryside in a home carved beneath a plot of earth. (I think you might find one in your local idyllic community)
What I find so fascinating is that the opening chapters of this trilogy have the ability to bring me hope and peace. Granted, it's not my "go to" when life is REALLY working my nerves, but it has, on many occasions, provided a fantastical escape to a place where problems like mine don't seem to exist.
Fantasy seems to play an increasingly major role in the interior lives of humans everywhere. From pornography to Second Life, and all of the video game worlds in between, we remain a people in pursuit of meaning.
Will there ultimately be any truth to a custom-tailored reality that responds to the deepest desires of a human heart?
How does the election of artificial realities as a viable means of "living" effect the concrete world?
For a people longing to "become" another person, or the person they were "never able to become", is there any problem with a bit of fantasy?
I'm working on an idea for my life that has a bit to do with constructing a new reality.
I'm beginning to live outside of the laws of this world.
I've found that there is, after all, a Hobbit village.
A place from whence we came.
And a means by which to recover this idyllic reality.
So the next time the Rules of this world cramp your style, ask yourself if you have any authority to amend the law.
If you don't, go get you some real authority.
If you need help, ask me.
Dreamers: dream.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The American Dream

What a joke.
I mean, honestly, does anybody still really believe that we are entitled to such a narcissistic life?
As this world becomes more closely connected can we still turn a blind eye towards desperate circumstances elsewhere?
Perhaps in our decadence we have entreated the luxury of philosophical conversations at the expense of good, old fashioned action?
There is clearly no hesitation to act on the part of evil. It finds it's way into the world and manages to accomplish horrific things. We see the results of evil manifest it's presence and we stare like a deer in the headlights!
I certainly find the world's troubles to be overwhelming. Currently, I'm caught between a rejection of the traditional American Dream and an acceptance of a life devoted to bringing healing to the world.
I have both conviction and vision for the emergence of a new reality on the earth.
If we are to see vision become reality, emerging leaders of this advance will need to:
Acknowledge the true value of the individual and empower their vision.
Seek justice for the oppressed and mercy for the oppressors.
Take responsibility to see a complete transformation occur in their lifetime.
Make others a greater priority than self.
Work together in response to "the need to do the right thing"...
What else do you see as necessary to change the tide?

There are many revolutions already taking place. The forerunners are out there, leading the way into some of the most needy and messed-up situations in our world today. A cry from the front lines can be heard, "SEND REINFORCEMENTS!"
Look in your heart. What MOVES you? What are you passionate about? Is it justice - perhaps seeking an end to modern day slavery? Is it mercy - helping the poor establish self-sustaining business in their community?

If you're not compelled to pave a new path, partner with someone who is. Most often, these individuals are placing their life, livelihood, and sense of security and stability on the line for the sake of others. They can certainly benefit from your support.
Let's have a new American Dream, shall we?
What is your dream? How will you take action?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Burning Man

At the tail end of summer, 40,000 men and women will journey to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for a 10 day festival. Some go to celebrate a form of freedom which echoes back to the garden of Eden, "naked and not ashamed". Others will spend long hours taking in the elaborate works of art, constructed by current artists most often commenting on "man's search for significance".
Burning Man is the natural result of living in a toxic culture.
In America, we have both freedom and the illusion of freedom.
We are able to make choices everyday which exercise our freedoms, and yet, by and large, we still find ourselves bound by cultural standards, governmental controls, and prohibitive belief systems.
If it isn't our own internal reality which places us behind bars, it is another's by which we are offended.
Burning Man is an arena in which people choose culturally unacceptable means of self-liberation - a way to detox from the dissatisfaction of living in a lonely world of laws and limits.
And off we go, to the desert, to look for our significance.
Does anything change when we get there? Anything change when we return?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Born in a Fire

There are desires that lay asleep inside of people.
But many people are afraid to see.
These longings of our hearts are often
numbed by endless consumerism, distractions, and excuses.
I might look like I struggle.
It might appear that I don’t know what I am doing.
But I know better.
I see all the world, so afraid to believe and to trust.
In many ways, that is me, too.
But I will not accept that as my fate.
I am giving birth to my dreams and visions.
They are born in a fire.
And the fire will refine them.
And one day they will live.